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By Eliot Weinberger

The world over acclaimed as essentially the most cutting edge writers at the present time, Eliot Weinberger has taken the essay into unexplored territories at the borders of poetry and narrative the place the single rule, in line with the writer, is that every one the data needs to be verifiable.With An Elemental factor, Weinberger turns from his celebrated political chronicles to the timelessness of the themes of his literary essays. With the knowledge of a literary archaeologist-astronomer-anthropologist-zookeeper, he leads us via histories, fables, and meditations in regards to the 10000 issues within the universe: the wind and the rhinoceros, Catholic saints and folks named Chang, the Mandaeans at the Iran-Iraq border and the Kaluli within the mountains of recent Guinea. one of the thirty-five essays incorporated are a poetic biography of the prophet Muhammad, which was once praised through the London instances for its "great good looks and grace," and "The Stars," a reverie on what's up there that has already been translated into Arabic, chinese language, Hindi, and Maori.

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Without sensibility no object would be given to us, and without understanding no object would be thought. Thoughts without content are empty, perceptions without conceptions are blind. Hence it is as necessary for the mind to make its conceptions sensuous (i. e. to add to them the object in perception) as to make its perceptions intelligible (i. e. to bring them under conceptions). Neither of these powers or faculties can exchange its function. The understanding cannot perceive, and the senses cannot think.

But the answer is to be found in the fact that the problem just referred to as occupying Kant's attention in the Aesthetic is only a problem at all so long as the cause of sensation is thought of as a physical body. ' is only a problem so long as it is supposed that the cause of sensation is a spatial and temporal world or a part of it, and that this world is what we come to know. If the cause of sensation, as being beyond the mind, is held to be unknowable and so not known to be spatial or temporal, the problem has disappeared.

B. 38-40, M. , § 11, he speaks of a pure perception of space and time; and in B. 40, M. 25, he says that our representation of space must be perception. But this language is due to the pressure of the facts, 2 §§ 6-11. and not to his general theory; cf. pp. 135-6. E 2 52 SPACE m a priori synthetical propositions in pure mathematics are possible, and consequently also how the science itself is possible. For just as empirical perception enables us without difficulty to enlarge synthetically in experience the conception which we frame of an object of perception through new predicates which perception itself offers us, so pure perception also will do the same, only with the difference that in this case the synthetical judgement will be a priori certain and apodeictic, while in the former case it will be only a posteriori and empirically certain; for the latter [i.

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