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By Bruce Catton

The Epic fight of the Blue and grey by way of the Pulitzer Prize-Winning Historian Bruce Catton. this is the genuine glance of the battle with 836 images together with many in colour that experience by no means been published ahead of. The illustrations variety from the wonderful pictures of Mathew Brady and the recognized sketches of Winslow Homer to dozens of formerly unknown work, drawings, and eye-witness conflict scenes. No past unmarried quantity at the conflict has even approached the significance and the colour of this assortment.

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Sanford could only offer feeble official excuses about the legal limits of federal power to interfere with slavery. Garibaldi was incredulous. Could slavery not be abolished? ”20 Sanford went to sleep at Garibaldi’s house thinking he might salvage something from his mission to Caprera, for late that night Garibaldi had broached the idea of visiting the United States to view the situation for himself. indd 24 10/10/14 12:11 PM Garibaldi’s Question | 25 The next morning Garibaldi backed away from the plan to visit America, explaining that he could not bear to watch his adopted country “engaged in a struggle for the salvation of Republican institutions” without throwing himself into battle.

Mail from Antwerp to Washington usually took about twelve days by steamship. If Quiggle sent the packet on July 4, it should have arrived at the State Department by July 17, but it was not marked “received” until July 27. These were hellish days for the Lincoln administration, and if correspondence from a minor consulate in Belgium went unnoticed, it was understandable. On July 21 the first major engagement of the war took place outside Washington. The Battle of Bull Run was a humiliating Union defeat marked by inept leadership and a panicked (some said cowardly) retreat back to the capital.

The Confederacy had at last corrected Jefferson’s mistake. “Our new Government is founded upon exactly the opposite ideas; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and moral condition. ” The hall burst with applause. This last passage gave the address its name—the Cornerstone Speech. It was astonishing. The vice president of the new nation had not only admitted that slavery was at the very heart of the South’s rebellion, but also went out of his way to repudiate the underlying principle of ­democracy— human equality.

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