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By Terry Wise

Breech-loading rifles, machine-guns, railroads and the telegraph all contributed to make the yank Civil conflict the 1st smooth struggle. The Airfix journal advisor 24: American Civil warfare Wargaming outlines the business enterprise, guns, apparatus and features of the Federal and accomplice armies, then indicates tips on how to building up miniature regiments and recreate the battles at the tabletop, utilizing the taking part in ideas supplied.

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51 Almost immediately upon arriving at Camp Douglas, Segoine began to tell his officers that the regiment would soon be exchanged and take their leave of Camp Douglas. The 36 The 111th New York Volunteer Infantry colonel based his assumption on the misguided belief that two great battles would soon be fought and enough prisoners captured to exchange the regiment. Yet he had no proof to back up his assertion and continued to spread the rumor anyway. Most of the officers saw right through the lies and lost all faith in their commander.

57 Orders were issued for each man to cook four days’ rations, fill their canteens, pack their knapsacks, and be ready to leave camp at first light on November 26. 58 Colonel Segoine issued strict orders governing the orderly conduct of the men for the trip to Washington and the officers were to pay strict attention that the orders were observed. No one was to leave the train without his permission and whenever the train did stop and the men were unloaded, roll was to be called before the train continued on to the next stop.

Most of the men brought blankets with them when they left camp, which they spread on the ground so they could get some sleep. 37 Later that evening, the regiment was again ordered to fall in and Segoine marched the regiment back to camp. As the battle raged atop Maryland Heights, Confederate forces under General Walker seized Loudoun Heights without firing a shot. Walker placed his artillery to rain shot and shell down on the Union works along Bolivar Heights. 38 Colonel D’Utassy issued orders notifying his regimental commanders of the obvious; the garrison was completely surrounded by the rebels.

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