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By Robert R. Hodges Jr., Peter Dennis

The yankee Civil warfare was once the world's first full-blown 'railroad war'. The well-developed community within the North used to be of serious significance in serving the Union army's logistic wishes over lengthy distances, and the sparser assets of the South have been proportionately much more very important. either side invested nice efforts in raiding and wrecking enemy railroads and protecting and repairing their very own, and battles frequently revolved round strategic rail junctions. Robert Hodges finds the exciting chases and pitched battles that made the railroad so harmful and ended in an incredibly excessive casualty fee. He describes the gear and strategies utilized by either side and the important helping parts - upkeep works, telegraph traces, gas and water offers, in addition to garrisoned blockhouses to guard key issues. Full-color illustrations deliver the fast moving motion to existence during this interesting learn; vital quantity for either rail and Civil warfare fanatics.

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By the time the hapless soldiers had made the 36-hour, 100-mile journey to Chattanooga many of their wounds were already infected with gangrene. Facing Sherman, the Confederate Army of Tennessee maintained an even more complex network of mobile hospitals. With well over 60 hospitals distrib~ted over hundreds of miles, Dr Stout decided that instead of abandoning a hospital he would, when necessary, pack up everything from the senior surgeons to the forks and spoons and send the entire complement by train (or occasionally by horse and wagon) to a safer location.

Rip of Johns Hopkins Press 1968 edn) At center, behind the man in the top hat, lie the burned remains of an Orange & Alexandria RR train. The better part ofthe iocomotive has survived, but the rest has been reduced to axies and wheels. (LC) 63 INDEX References to illustrations are shown in bold. Plates are shown with page locators in brackets. ambulancc cars 55,56,57, H(58), 59, 60 ambulance trains/wagons 54,56-7,60 amlllunition trains, destruction of 20 armor, types of "corron-bale" 19,21,22, C3(B), 24, F(46),47 sheer-iron 10, A2(11), 26, 28 arrillery 16,21,22, Cl-3(B), 28-9, 30, 43, 44 Adanric & orrh Carolina Railroad IS baggage cars 16,52, H(58), 59 balloons, rail rransporr of 50, Gl(51), 52 Baltimore & Ohio Railroad 6,8,8,9,9,26, D(27), 28-9, 3],32,40,43,45, F(46), 47, 62,62 barberre carriages 22, C3(B) barges, carriage of rolling srock 14 Borrom's Bridge 54 boxcars 6,8,8,9,38,50, G(51), 56 usc of 8,9, n, 14, 16,22, C(23), 26, 0(27),44,59,60,61 brakeman's hrll1d wheel/ladder 9,38 brakemen, role of H(58),59 Burnside's Wharf ] 6 casemares (rail barreries) 19,20,26,0(27) casualries 55,56,57,57, H(58), 59-60 Charlesron & Savannah Railroad 47-8 Ciry Poinr railroad yard 5,7-8, 10,12 coal cars 6,9, 16,62 coal, hauling/usc of 4,6,40,62 command cars 52-3 commiSS3f)' wagons 56, 59-60 communications links, setting up of 37 conducrors (cars) 6,31,48,56 Confederacy/Sourh: rail sysrem 5, '15-16 construction of connecting lines 9 effecrs of embargo/blockade 9,16,40 employmenr of black men 38-9,38 influence of stare governments 8-9 strategic imporrance of 8-9 track gauges 6 warrime speeds of loco1l1orivcs t 2 Confederare avy 9, 19,20,21,22,24, 25,50, G(51) construction crcwslrrains 26,29,33, E(34), 35-7,38 Cumberland engagemenr 26,0(27),28-9 CUlllming, Matron Kate 52,59,60,6\ demolirion men (bridges) 31,31 dispcnS3f)' and dump cars 6, 56 engineer soldiers E(34),35 field arrillery/guns B(18), 19, 19, 20, 24, 25,28, F(46), 47 on railroad cars 17, 21, 22, Cl-3(23) Finegan, BrigGen Joseph (C) 22, 24, 24 flarbeds (seven-axle) 22, C3(B) flarcars 5,6,22, Cl-2(23), 25, 26, 28, 33, E(34), 35, 36, 44, 47-8, 49, 50, G 1-2(51),55 Florida, Arlantic & Gulf Cenrral Railroad 22,24 forrificarions (rail defense) 29,42,43-4, 43,44, F(46), 47 Fredericksburg, barrie of (1862) 33,37 freighr cars 5,50, G1(5]), 57, 59, 61 guardhouses 36,43,49 gucrrillasl"partisan rangers" 52 gunboars 14, 2], 22, 44, 50, 52 handcars 'IS, E(34), 35, 42-3, 53-4, 53 Haupt, BrigGcn Herman 7,8,26,28,30-1,31, ATED TITLES 33, E(34), 35, 35, 36,39,44,49-50 horse-teams 12,15,3'1 hospiral cars/rrains 10, A(]]), 54-8, H(58), 59-6'1,59 hospiral flags H(58), 59 hospital stewards, sleeve insignia 57 hospiral renrs 20 house cars as rolling bombs F(46),47 howirzer cars 17, 22, Cl(23), 25, E(34), 35 Illinois Cenrral Railroad H ironclad carslrrains 4, B(18), 19,22, C2(23), 26,0(27),28-9 Jackson, Cell Thomas "Stonewall" 13,31, 44,45,52,62 Lee, Gen Roberr E.

These prisoners are fairly well clothed with pale caped overcoats, probably sky-blue US issue previously captured from Union stores. When the train rolls out, numerous guards will ride the roofs of the boxcars. (LC) 61 The Baltimore & Ohio RR was a victim of geography. While the company's lines, workshops, and stations lay south of the Mason-Dixon Line, Maryland, northern Virginia, and soon-tobe West Virginia were highly contested areas due to the location of the US capital. The B & 0 became the hardest-hit private carrier serving the North.

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