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By Valentin Asanbayev

This e-book info an technique for recognition of the sector decomposition suggestion. The ebook provides the equipment in addition to suggestions and methods for constructing electrical computing device circuit-loops and choosing their parameters. The tools constructed were discovered utilizing the versions of machines with laminated and sturdy rotor having classical constitution. using such versions are good well-known and simplifies functional implementation of the acquired results.

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8), determining the reactance values x1, x2, x12 and x21 for a real electric machine with the accuracy that is required represents a very difficult task. 8) represents the difference between two values that are very close to equal. 7) for the stator and rotor windings cannot be used in practice. 2 Resulting EMF as the Sum of Leakage EMF and EMFs of Self- and Mutual Induction For the total fluxes of self-induction of the stator winding Φ1 and of the rotor winding Φ2, we can use the following statements arising from obvious physical considerations.

Therefore, the stator and rotor leakage fields can be transmitted to the surface passing through the middle of the air gap (symmetry surface). The pictures of the leakage field distribution corresponding to this condition are shown in Figs. 6. Now, in accordance with such a depiction of the leakage field distribution, the value of magnetizing emf Em can be considered placed on the surface passing through the middle of the air gap. Therefore, the magnetizing flux Φm producing the emf Em is determined on this air gap surface.

9. The circuit obtained in this way will be under the referred values of the rotor winding current and emf. Consequently, the equivalent circuit in Fig. 7 reflecting an electric machine having stator and rotor windings with different numbers of turns and phases can be transformed into the equivalent circuit for the two “electrically coupled” conditional windings (circuits), if the referred values of the rotor winding emf and current are used in the circuit in Fig. 7, for example, [1, 3, 8–10]. Below we consider three methods for the introduction of the referred values of the rotor winding emf and current in order to obtain the conditional electrical circuit of the form in Fig.

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