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In 1942 Claude Dansey, deputy head of MI6, infiltrated Henri Déricourt, double agent extraordinaire, into the rival British wartime mystery carrier, SOE. the consequent path of destruction and betrayal resulted in the lack of over 400 British and French brokers. Recruited because the guy SOE so desperately wanted, Déricourt penetrated the guts of PROSPER, SOE's largest community in France. whilst he renewed touch with Karl Boemelburg, head of German counter-espionage in Paris. each circulate, code and dispatch from the British brokers was once made recognized to Boemelburg; Déricourt gave him every little thing. His treachery ultimately resulted in the disastrous fall of the PROSPER community, and to the arrest of approximately a thousand women and men, enormous quantities of whom died in focus camps. used to be it patriotism that drove Dansey, or used to be the Déricourt plan only a part of the key struggle among MI6 and SOE, a battle within which Dansey held the entire guns? all of the King's males is the dramatic account on some of the most ruthless mystery operations of the second one global struggle.

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