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By Jerome Preisler, Kenneth Sewell

40 years in the past, in may well 1968, the submarine USS Scorpion sank in mysterious situations with a lack of ninety-nine lives. The tragedy happened throughout the peak of the chilly conflict among the USA and the Soviet Union, and it by means of purely weeks the sinking of a Soviet sub close to Hawaii. Now in All arms Down, drawing on thousands of hours of interviews, many with particular resources within the naval and intelligence groups, in addition to lately declassified usa and Soviet intelligence documents, Kenneth Sewell and Jerome Preisler clarify what rather occurred to Scorpion.

In January 1968, a U.S. intelligence send, USS Pueblo, was once seized through North Korea. between different goods, the North Koreans confiscated a worthy cryptographic unit that was once in a position to decoding the Navy's top-secret codes. Unknown to the military, a traitor named John Walker had started offering the Navy's codes to the KGB. as soon as the KGB got the crypto unit from the North Koreans, the Russians have been capable of learn hugely categorized naval communications.

In March, a Soviet sub, K-129, mysteriously sank close to Hawaii, 1000s of miles from its common station within the Pacific. Soviet naval leaders mistakenly believed U.S. submarine used to be guilty for the loss, and so they deliberate revenge. A capture used to be set: numerous Soviet vessels have been accumulated within the Atlantic, appearing suspiciously. it might be just a subject of time earlier than a U.S. sub used to be despatched to enquire. That sub was once Scorpion. utilizing the top-secret codes and the decoding computer, the Soviets may possibly intercept and decode conversation among the military and Scorpion, the ultimate point in engaging in the deliberate attack.

All fingers Down exhibits how the Soviet plan was once carried out and explains why the reality of the assault has been formally denied for 40 years. Sewell and Preisler debunk a variety of legit factors for the tragedy and produce to existence the non-public tales of a few of the boys who have been misplaced whilst Scorpion went to the ground. This precise tale, ultimately advised after exhaustive learn, is extra fascinating than any novel.

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