Download Algebraic Geometry and Complex Analysis: Proceedings of the by George R. Kempf (auth.), Enrique Ramírez de Arellano (eds.) PDF

By George R. Kempf (auth.), Enrique Ramírez de Arellano (eds.)

From the contents:G.R. Kempf: The addition theorem for summary Theta functions.- L. Brambila: lifestyles of yes common extensions.- A. Del Centina, S. Recillas: On a estate of the Kummer type and a relation among moduli areas of curves.- C. Gomez-Mont: On closed leaves of holomorphic foliations by means of curves (38 pp.).- G.R. Kempf: Fay's trisecant formula.- D. Mond, R. Pelikaan: becoming beliefs and a number of issues of analytic mappings (55 pp.).- F.O. Schreyer: yes Weierstrass issues occurr at so much as soon as on a curve.- R. Smith, H. Tapia-Recillas: The Gauss map on subvarieties of Jacobians of curves with gd2's.

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S (b I ..... bk+ I) ~b. < 1 i II. THE Lepta ~a. 1 : Our the f o l l o w i n g ~ * x {, action diferential + XI~/~Xl- on [ref. :[HI] S(a I ..... e. -ak+IYk+l a change gives x ~-{0} equations: ~/~Yk+l e Y~/~YI+'''+ Consider of that: ON SCROLLS {I} x ~* - action : Euler : Proof: concludes ~e[l , k+l] { * x {i} - a c t i o n s : w e i g h t e d X0~/~X0 Harris is a d e g e n e r a t i o n SEQUENCE EULER- argument Yk+l ~/$Yk+l in the p a r a m e t r i z a t i o n : -al Yl,.. ,s - ~ + i v~k+l Ise~*} {(eSxo ' eSxl, (es) "' ~ = (xo, x l , Yl ....

Ts -ak+ 1 Yk+l) 53 Suppose xl # 0 , then the ~* x ~* action looks (x0, x l , yl ..... Yk+l "~)'s ~ t5% (sx0, sxl , ts -al like: Yl ..... ts -ak+ 1 Yk+l ) t x~ # 0 Isx~ # 0 $ al ak+ 1 (x~, l , x l y l ..... 3: {0}^X ~ k + ~ The p(sx, st-ay) Proof: action ~ induces in b i - d e g r e e s = tbs +a p(x , y) L 2 = 0~(E) (i) will mean E* {0}] L2(a) a F ~ ( E ) : L1 ~ L the ruling ~* x -al al -ak+ ] a~v+l ) (sxl) Yl ..... £. ;---; tx,ak+ l 1Yk+l_) ............. ( ~ , ~[~2 line b u n d l e (sx0 ~-, L2 ~ refers - {0}] associated (a b) ' to to the h y p e r p l a n e where L 1 = ~*~i(I) ~(E), L1 refers class, and L(a,b) to L2(b) We have I al (xl_clxl)...

3) that a' ¢'*0E(U) ramified) the results of Beauville, i(~) ~ ~. 1. ® ~' the we need and so claim. 7. n*0H(1) ~ OE(U ® n). 8. Proof. ~'*(n*(0 the above Frorosition will follow from (i)) -~ ~X' Let us first observe volution, then j(g~) m': X' ~ IU G nl* ~ 2 that is m*(0 ~2(i)) = KX, - g~ . ~ QX' ' g~s So if we put n(E) the cone the p r o j e c t i o n with S' from ~, of the lines determined S' = Z' C H, 1 Therefore in- Hence when we consider t h e m o r p h i s m to prove Proposition x,x',x"EX' then there exists a line is the elliptic are lines tangent to the conic which is I U ® ~I* of enough to prove that if (as divisor l.

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