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By Ann Martin Bowler

Do you know that eighty five years ahead of Columbus came across the United States, chinese language ships longer than a soccer box sailed millions of miles via unknown oceans and visited greater than 30 international locations? it is precise! Adventures of the Treasure Fleet is the superb tale of those seven epic voyages and their larger-than-life commander, Admiral Zheng He.

Beginning in 1405, Admiral Zheng He led greater than three hundred tremendous, brightly-painted ships around the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean and the entire method to the far-off coast of Africa. The admiral and his group battled pirates and raging storms, and have been surprised by means of the folks and methods of existence in far-off lands. At every one port, chinese language items have been traded for pearls, helpful stones, herbs and drugs which have been given as tribute to China's strong emperor while the ships' back home.

Filled with historic evidence, Adventures of the Treasure Fleet brings a gorgeous piece of heritage to existence. Gracefully informed and beautifully...

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After the battle, Zheng He turned the fleet to the west as the flaming pirate ship crackled and sank beneath the waves. The Treasure Fleet was not sent to conquer distant lands, they came in peace. However, many of its crew were trained in military techniques. With as many as 300 different types of weapons aboard, the fleet was well prepared for battle. The weapons included flame-tipped arrows, “flaming tube missiles” that sent gunpowder and burning paper into an enemy’s sails, and “gunpowder buckets” which were paper grenades filled with gunpowder.

Diaries of crew members and plaque inscriptions were the primary sources used in writing this book. Well-researched summaries of the voyages were also used. For the continuity of the story, all the voyages have been treated as one. Most, but not all, of the events mentioned in Adventures of the Treasure Fleet occurred during the first voyage. The storm, Saint Elmo’s fire, pirate encounter, as well as the events in Champa, Java, and Calicut occurred during the first voyage, while the events in Malacca and Siam stretched over several voyages.

As the fleet departed, clouds gathered and the seas grew wild. That night, fierce winds tossed the ships and several men were washed into the churning sea. ” they cried. With his ship crashing through enormous waves, Zheng He thundered, “Turn into the wind! ” Then a swell as high as a mountain washed over the ship and the admiral was certain the end was near. ” he cried. Just then, a ray of light pierced the sky and filled it with brilliant colors. Then, the winds died and the ocean calmed. After prayers of thanksgiving, the ships headed north through sparkling seas toward home.

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