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By Robert Aish, Aparajit Pratap (auth.), Lars Hesselgren, Shrikant Sharma, Johannes Wallner, Niccolo Baldassini, Philippe Bompas, Jacques Raynaud (eds.)

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SIGGRAPH. , AND WALLNER, 1. 2010. Geodesic patterns. ACM Trans. Graphics 29,4, #43,1-10. Proc. SIGGRAPH. , 2011. Discretization of asymptotic line parametrizations using hyperboloid surface patches. 3508. , AND RUBIO, W. 2008. Optimising positioning of the axis of a milling cutter on an offset surface by geometric error minimisation. Int. 1. Adv. Manufacturing Technology 37,861-871. , AND RAVANI, B. 2008. Cylindrical milling of ruled surfaces. Int. 1. Adv. Manufacturing Technology 38, 649-656. WALLNER, 1.

25° from base to neckline. The two helices rotate counter clockwise with their pitch defined by the fabricated section divisions at the base to a much steeper inclination through the neck to provide structural rigidity as cross bracing to the ribbons. The equations for the two systems were further driven by 'nodes' where the helix centreline intersects with the ribbon centreline at a construction joint. Modifications were applied manually to ensure visual continuity across transition points. The South Tower, located offshore on piles that are visible at low tide, required careful attention to its base to avoid erosion of the riverbed.

Software applications such as Grasshopper by McNeel & Associates, Bentley Generative Components (GC) and more recently DesignScript by Autodesk allow complex ideas to be explored at the early stage of design that go beyond what is possible using the traditional methods of hand sketching and model 67 J. Harding, S. Joyce, P. Williams making alone. In addition to the generic software platforms, in recent years many third-party analysis plug-ins have also been developed that provide real-time performance feedback to assist at the early stage of design [Shea et al.

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