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Slow rate system design procedure (copyright © Water Environment Federation, used with permission) 5-16 EM 1110-2-501 1 Feb 99 (3) Loading cycles are seasonally dependent. Hydraulic loading rates with accompanying drying periods for RI systems greatly exceed those of either SR or OF systems. (4) BOD5 removals of 80 to 100 percent can be expected. , from 10 to 90 percent. Phosphorous removal is dependent upon vertical soil column travel distance. Fecal coliform removal of 2 to 6 log correlate directly with soil composition, vertical soil column travel distance and wastewater application schedules versus bed drying times.

Most stabilization ponds fall into the facultative category. The amount of oxygen present depends on temperature, organic loading, and sunlight intensity (photosynthetic effect), and the dissolved oxygen concentrations in the top zone will vary with time and conditions. During periods of no direct sunlight (prolonged hazy or very cloudy conditions) and during the night hours, dissolved oxygen concentrations will decrease as the dense microbe population and algae, if any, readily consume available oxygen.

Each laboratory should comply with Federal OSHA regulations. Guidance on design of laboratories is available in USAEPA-2. b. Materials. Acoustical tiles should be used for ceilings. Light colors are recommended for all interior walls. Floors should be either vinyl or rubber tile, and fire resistant as well as resistant to acids, alkalies, solvents, and salts. Doors should permit straight egress from the laboratory, and should have glass windows. S. standard gauge 18 or better. All sheet metal should be coated with a corrosion-resistant finish.

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