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Providing high-quality, scholarly study, addressing improvement, software and implications, within the box of maritime schooling, maritime defense administration, maritime coverage sciences, maritime industries, marine surroundings and effort expertise. Contents contain electronics, astronomy, arithmetic, cartography, command and regulate, psychology, operational study, chance research, theoretical physics, operation in opposed environments, instrumentation, ergonomics, monetary making plans and law. Further, logistics, shipping and mobility are addressed n this quantity.
The book presents a discussion board for transportation researchers, engineers, navigators, ergonomists, and policy-makers with an curiosity in maritime researches.
Covering scientific, technological, political, fiscal, cultural and social elements of maritime delivery, transportation and navigation, this booh publishes cutting edge, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary examine on marine navigation matters and is determined to develop into the best overseas scholarly booklet specialising in dialogue and debate on maritime matters. The paintings is mainly involved to put maritime reviews in a huge foreign and comparative context and  is addressed to scientists and pros so one can percentage event, professional wisdom and examine effects, on all elements of navigation and sea transportation.

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On the other hand, the safety level determined using this type of method is calculated using historical data. It is not possible, using this type of method, to evaluate the safety level of a ship route using navigational situations in real time. In addition, this approach does not consider human factors which are the main causes of marine accident. The concept of a ship domain has been introduced in research on navigational safety evaluation method. A certain area around a ship that should remain clear of other ships is identified on the basis of the safe distance between ships.

Figure 1. The process of a navigator’s decision making in ship navigation # Crossing on starboard (give-way) Crossing on port (stand-on) Ship type Length of ship Relative speed Distance between ships Encounter situations - head to head - crossing (starboard/port) - overtaking Time Day where: h : average of numerical values for jth element of ith item R« : answer value for jth element of ith item (RSi =1-7) ' N : number of respondents 1 : item number of questionnaire (i =1 -8) j : element number of each item The results of the quantification of each element obtained using the questionnaire is shown in table 3.

Bimor. Szczecin. indd 39 # 4/20/2015 6:45:56 PM This page intentionally left blank # Safety o f Navigation Activities in Navigation —M arine Navigation and Safety o f Sea Transportation —A. ) Safety of Offshore Supply Operations J. Pawelski Gdynia Maritime University, Gdynia, Poland ABSTRACT: Offshore marine operations are conducted in all climatic zones, including stormy and polar areas. All units engaged in such operations require continuous supply of fuel, construction, drilling equipment and provision.

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