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Chris Ware's leading edge black & white comedian e-book

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She felt her throat tighten, like her heart, into a painful, bitter knot. His voice continued, calm and professional. “It would be helpful if you could be certain. ” “Sure…” “I’d like to ask you a few questions now, if you don’t mind. ” She answered each of his questions and he patiently took notes. Her mind wandered through a surreal landscape of fear and confusion, annoyed she was having such trouble making sense of things. Her answers came out muddled sometimes, but the detective just went on, gently probing.

Lunch consisted of some rather sad, wilted salad greens that the photographer’s assistant was sent away to fetch. Makedde could have sworn she saw the photographer scoff down a cheesy focaccia and a beer when no one else was looking. By five o’clock she was relieved at the prospect of shooting the last outfit. It was a daringly high cut, bright yellow zipper front swimsuit that was an ode to a decade when “Christy” referred to Brinkley, not Turlington. As usual, things became rushed as the client pushed to end the shoot before twenty minutes past the hour.

He moved down her body and removed her right shoe. Lovely. Perfect. Her toes were smooth and delicately formed; he was very pleased. He slipped the stiletto back on, enjoying the look of it more knowing what perfect digits it housed. He reached for his blade and moved back up his latest possession. She was bleeding but conscious, blue eyes open again and rolling wildly with panic. With one long, graceful movement he sliced through her flimsy top, splitting it open from waist to neck. She wore a plain, cream-coloured bra.

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