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Karl Patterson, someday baseball card broker with no seen technique of help, does not get alongside all that good together with his father, even supposing he lives within the visitor condominium of his dad's property at the Palos Verdes Peninsula close to l. a. hire loose. So he's stunned whilst Richard Patterson, who's founder and CEO of a winning software program corporation referred to as Dionysus, asks for his aid to figure out even if the quantity 2 guy of Dionysus, Ned Mackay, has a playing challenge. maybe the reason for this is that Karl might or is probably not a compulsive gambler, himself, reckoning on whom you ask.

Richard assigns his government assistant, the unique and bold Arrow, to paintings with Karl. She seems to be to have a few blood from each ethnic team you could identify, and the simplest of every. She is helping Karl connect to Ned, and Karl wangles a call for participation to fly with him to San Francisco, which brings up the query of what Ned's dating is to James Buchanan, a perplexing one who likes puzzles, runs what seems to be an unlawful playing on line casino, and is CEO of a San Francisco conglomerate that owns a bit of almost every thing worthy owning.

Before Karl could make any growth, Ned is located lifeless in San Francisco with cocaine in his vehicle. Karl is wondered through the San Francisco police, and now unearths himself attempting to verify what occurred to Ned, and what impact this can have on his father and Dionysus. questions on James stay, simply because he turns out to wish to achieve regulate of Dionysus, and should support Karl purchase a dear baseball card.

Events continue Karl concerned lengthy after his father desires him out. prior to he is via, he will be a widespread flyer among L.A. and San Francisco, with sidetrips to Scotland and England. he'll need to the best way to paintings with Arrow, get in addition to Jacie, Richard's younger spouse, try and enhance his dating along with his father, and--if he desires to survive--watch his back.

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After making arrangements for me to participate as a guest, she glanced around the room. "I don't see Ned," she said, "and he wasn't in the office. His admin said he had a meeting off-site, but she could have been covering for him. " We staked out three chairs at one of the tables and then mingled. Arrow seemed to know most of the members and they seemed to know her. I could understand why the men especially would be attracted to her, with her looks and personality, but they also treated her with the respect of an equal.

I can't believe you cranked this out so fast," I said, looking over the printed output. "I've had experience. I did some for my MBA classes," she said, modestly. " "This is pie-in-the-sky. " Arrow shrugged. "Anybody who starts their own business has got to be a little star-struck, a little unreal in their hopes and dreams. " "If you want to know the truth, I'm not interested in running a real business, with all the associated headaches. " "I don't believe it. " She looked at her watch. "Time to go.

I struggled with it for a minute and then thought, there aren't that many possibilities. I can solve it by trial and error. I tried and erred several times, but in another minute I had the answer: The ship was 28 years old and the boiler was 21. I pressed the button again. " I gave my answer. Something clicked. I tried the door and it swung open. Chapter 5 THE CASINO The inside had the appearance of a conventional house. The spacious living room was to the right of the entryway, where I stood. It was well furnished and the large picture window, visible from the outside, was on the front wall.

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