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By Sharon Rosenberg, Kathleen Meade

With either cookbook-style examples and in-depth verification heritage, amateur and specialist verification engineers will locate details to ease their adoption of this rising Accellera usual.

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There are essential differences in the scintillation process in organic materials and in inorganic materials: the latter are considered in Chapter 4. In the present chapter we shall describe the origin and the principal features of luminescence and scintillations in organic systems. Subsequently in Chapter 6 we shall return to discuss certain features in more detail. The properties of individual organic crystal, liquid, plastic and glass scintillators are described in Chapters 7-9. 1. THE ELECTRONIC STRUCTURE OF ORGANIC MOLECULES Luminescence, the emission of light (visible or ultraviolet) with a charac­ teristic spectrum, following the absorption of radiation normally of higher energy than the emission, is a property associated with conjugated and aromatic organic molecules.

E. summed electron energies) that corres­ pond to the full y-ray energy E, and hence occur in the photo-peak. Consi­ dering only these scintillations, the photo-peak absorption efficiency sp = 1, and the photo-peak detection efficiency fp = Fpf. 1. 5. N E U T R O N S Neutrons differ from the other types of radiations considered in that their primary interactions are with the nuclei of the absorber material, rather than with the atomic electrons. Being uncharged massive particles, they readily penetrate the electron clouds and collide with the nuclei.

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