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By John R. Kirkup

First a part of the ebook provides a special and coherent learn of usual amputations because of congenital absence, ailment, frostbite, pollution, household and wild animal trauma, and non-medical purposes concerning punitive, ritual and felony judgements. Following the advent of gun powder within the fifteenth century, surgical motion turned major. the next improvement of surgical amputation and its problems shape a huge a part of the e-book, summarising the evolution of the regulate of haemorrhage and an infection, discomfort aid, recommendations, instrumentation, problems, prostheses, effects and case histories. furthermore, substitute systems, more and more vital within the final centuries, are debated and elements linked to self-amputation in extremis, now not as infrequent in response to press experiences, also are examined.
This richly illustratedbook might be of curiosity to scientific and social historians, surgeons, limb-fitting surgeons and prosthetists, anaesthetists, limb brands, social historians, ethnologists and amputees.

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I endeavoured to make my horse take boat, and therefore switched him over the buttocks: The Jade madded herewith, so struck at me with his heels that he brake both the bones of my left leg, some four fingers bredth above my ankle. Then I, fearing some worse mischief, and lest the Jade should double his blow, flew back; and as I fled back, the broken bones flew in sunder; and breaking through the flesh, stocking and boot, shewed themselves, whereby I felt as much pain as it is credible a man was able to endure; .

Wound contamination required a temporary colostomy; he left hospital with a lower limb prosthesis after 3 months. In the 18th century several lesser “pull-offs” were described in the Memoires de l’Academie de 31 Chirurgie of Paris, mainly fingers and toes, but included was an observation by Benemont concerning a boy of 9 or 10 years who, jumping on the back of a passing coach pulled by six horses, put a leg between the spokes of a wheel which pulled off the limb at the knee joint, exposing the lower femur.

22 More recently, an Afghan who became a prisoner of the Taleban described in graphic detail his punishment of simultaneous right hand and left foot amputations, actually witnessing the procedures himself. This took place in 1999 in the middle of a football stadium packed with people and supervised by mullahs; the victim suspects he was chosen in place of a rich Pashtun who having committed a crime, paid a sum of money to the mullahs so that a prisoner of war received punishment instead. He said: “Theft in Peru was punished by amputation of one hand.

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