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The looks in 1964 of A.H.M. Jones' "The Later Roman Empire 284-602: A Social, monetary, and Administrative Survey" reworked the learn of the past due old global. during this quantity a couple of prime students reconsider the effect of Jones' nice paintings, the affects that formed his scholarship, and the legacy he left for later generations.

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2004); Lewit (2004). 16 Jones (1952) 354. , 358. writing the late roman empire: method and sources 35 What follows is interesting: How he achieved this result I do not know, but it must have been the fruit of unremitting labour and a vast capacity for organization, aided by a prodigious memory. The results are plain to see in the notes to his great works, which are the wonder and despair of scholars. In them he corrects and supplements the articles and monographs which he cites, and where, as often, the evidence had not been previously collected by himself or others, cites it in detail, often with reasoned emendations of the published texts of inscriptions and papyri.

Unlike his student, Last did not publish prolifically and never produced a major work. Nevertheless, his interest in Roman constitutional history could well have helped to inspire Jones’ preoccupation with this area at various stages of his career, resulting in the collections of articles Studies in Roman Government and Law (1960) and, posthumously, The Criminal Courts of the Roman Republic and Principate (1972). However, the three historians whose works seem to have had the most pronounced influence on Jones were not his acquaintances.

I. Rostovtzeff ”, Cambridge Archaeological Journal 7 (1954) 334–46, reprinted in idem (1966) Studies in Historiography (London 1966) 91–104 ——. M. Jones’ The Later Roman Empire”, Oxford Magazine, NS, 5 (4 March 1965) 264–5, reprinted in idem (1969) Quarto contributo alla storia degli studi classici e del mondo antico (Rome 1969) 645–47 Morris J. M. I. L. (1961) All Souls and appeasement: a contribution to contemporary history (London 1961) ——. (1995) Historians I have known (London 1995) The Cheltonian Magazine (Cheltenham 1920 and 1921) The Times, 10th April 1970 page 12, issue 57840; 19th February 1951, page 8, issue 51929; and 8th June 1929, page 10, issue 45224 CHAPTER TWO WRITING THE LATE ROMAN EMPIRE: METHOD AND SOURCES Peter Garnsey 1.

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