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Deleting Objects To delete something from ScratchJr, press it with your finger and hold it for a few seconds (sometimes called a long press) ­until you see a red X appear on the object. Tap the X to delete the object. You can use this process to delete a character within a project or even delete an entire project from the home screen. Deleting Blocks To get rid of a block or even a whole script from the programming area, just drag it back up to the blocks palette and let go. You can have any color palette showing to do this; the palette doesn’t have to be the same color as the blocks you are deleting.

Notice how far the cat moves with just one programming block. Let’s explore the meaning of this number a little more. 1. Tap the Grid button at the top of the screen to show the grid. info Ch apte r 2 You will see a grid appear on the stage. This grid will help you keep track of where your characters are on the stage. The blue square indicates the cat’s exact position on the grid. Vertical position Horizontal position 2. Now tap your script again. See what happens when the cat moves from one spot to another on the stage?

Now tap your script again. See what happens when the cat moves from one spot to another on the stage? The blue square will move with your cat, and the blue numbered circles will indicate the cat’s new position on the stage. 3. Try to make your cat visit every corner of the stage by using the first four motion blocks in the blue blocks palette. 4. If you start your script with a Start on Green Flag block and you run the script by tapping the Green Flag button at the top of the screen, the cat will reset itself to its starting position before the script runs.

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