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By Richard Wiseman

What may you do if anyone guess you they can stability a coin at the fringe of a banknote, stroll via a postcard, or make you progress your limbs throughout the energy of advice? might you are taking that bet?

From Richard Wiseman, the author of the 350-million-view YouTube phenomenon, Quirkology, comes an exciting mixture of lateral considering, magic methods and scintillating technology stunts that's certain to attract curious minds everywhere.

Using in basic terms your physique and daily family items, a hundred and one Bets you'll always Win is either a pragmatic consultant and illuminating exploration of the interesting technological know-how that underpins those probably most unlikely challenges.

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Now challenge your friend to move just one match and make the equation correct. To win the bet, move this match and now everything is fine because the square root of one is one! THE HISTORY OF THE MATCH, PART THREE: FROM URINE TO EUREKA In 1669, the German alchemist Hennig Brand was busy trying to transform lead into gold by boiling down urine and then heating up the residues. At one point during his experimentation, a glowing liquid dripped out of his furnace and spontaneously burst into flames.

It sounds simple, but whenever they place a coin on the lemon, the lemon will roll over and the coin will fall into the water. Lemons are high in vitamin C and help prevent scurvy. The demand for scurvy-preventing lemons peaked during the 1849 California Gold Rush, when malnourished miners would pay vast amounts of money for a single lemon. As a result, the number of lemon trees in California rocketed and even today the state’s citrus-based business is valued at more than $1 billion annually. NOW YOU SEE IT TEN WAYS TO WIN WITH MAGIC AND ILLUSION AMAZING FACTS ABOUT VISION • Vision is our most dominant sense, with about 30 per cent of the neurons in your brain being devoted to seeing, compared to just 8 per cent for touch and 2 per cent for hearing.

Next, raise your hand and, as you bring it down, strike the overhanging banknote with your finger. The banknote will stick to the licked finger and whip out from beneath the coins. Why do you have to lick your finger for the bet to work? Your body naturally produces oils that prevent your skin from drying out. This oil makes your fingers relatively smooth, and so during the bet you run the risk of just brushing against the banknote rather than pulling it out from under the coins. However, add a small amount of sticky saliva to your finger and the extra friction ensures that the banknote is whipped away every time.

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